Saturday, February 19, 2011

Car Town Easy Level up Trick

            Looking for a trick to gain levels easily in Car Town game without wasting your precious time clicking on jobs, wait for them to complete, and then repeat the same process over and over again? Then you have come to the right place. By using this trick, you can just leave the game open and do other important things. Don't worry because this is not really a cheat. Just a cool trick though.

First of all, you need a software called GhostMouse 2. GhostMouse 2 is a freeware Windows utility that records the movements of your mouse. You can download this cool software here:

After that install the app on your pc. Then, open the software and Car Town game in your web browser.

After that, simply follow these steps:

1. Click Record button on the Ghost Mouse.

2. Click On Empty Work Bay and Choose a job. I recommend Fuzzy Dice but it is
    up to you.

3. Wait for the job to complete.
4. After the job is done, collect your reward.
5. Lastly, Click Play on GhostMouse. (This will create an infinite loop that will run
    until you shut it off)

Hmph, I think that's all. Thx for reading guys...