Sunday, January 15, 2012

Files Became Shortcut in Removable Drive - Recovery Method

Have this kind of things happened to you? Your precious files in your pendrive or external hard drive suddenly became shortcuts? I got the same problem 2 years ago. WHAT THE HECK!!! THIS MUST BE SOME KIND OF JOKE RIGHT?! It is kind of frustrating to have all of your assignments, notes and other important data lost just like that right? Well at that time I can't find a solution to this matter yet but I know that the files are still there except that they are actually hidden as system files as my friend told me so. So if you untick the "Hide protected operating system files" box in "folder and search option", you can see all of the files in grey colour.

But that's 2 years ago story. Last year my senior buddy gave me a .bat file which can recover all the files - That's what he says but I haven't got the chance to try it until the next semester. During that time, one of my precious group assignment projects was infected by this Idon'tknowIfItIsAVirusOrWormButItMakesMyFilesHidden thing again. Hence, I tried the .bat file that my friend game me earlier and it works like a charm.

Without hesitation, I looked at the coding of the .bat file.
This is the coding:
|     attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d       |
|     exit                                |

Simple right? Well, last few months maybe( I can't remember the exact date), my little brother also got this problem and he asked me about it. So, I text him the steps alongside with the coding and the case is closed in just a short time.

So basically what you need to do if you ever had the misfortune to taste this Idon'tknowIfItIsAVirusOrWormButItMakesMyFilesHidden thing are:

1. Copy the coding above in a notepad.
2. Save it as whatever.bat.
3. Place it in your infected removable drive.
4. Once it is inside, run the file to begin the vaccination process. XD
That's all! Congratulations for your success!

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