Saturday, February 12, 2011

Windows 7 Did Not Go Fullscreen When Playing Games

Hello again, guys! Well, for some reasons Windows Seven did not go fullscreen when playing older video games which doesn't support full resolution like Frozen Throne and Battle Realms. Lot's of you guys must have been searching for the tricks to make the games go fullscreen but still can't find the solution right? Well, worry not because you have come to the right place. In "Tips OR Trix" i.e this blog, I'm gonna show you the trick to remove those annoying black borders when playing games.

So what to do? Do I need to format my computer and install another windows instead? LOL! Of course not. You just need to do the following:

ATI (Tested on ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450):
Step 1: Go to the graphic card control center
Step 2: Lower the resolution
Step 3: Change Scaling Option to Fullscreen
Step 4: Change back to original resolution

Nvidia(Tested on Nvidia Geforce GTX660M):
Step 1: Open  Nvidia Control Panel
Step 2: Go to "Adjust Desktop Size and Position" Tab
Step 3: Change scaling mode to Full-screen

Don't understand? Well, look at an example below.
Eg: For Ati Radeon Graphic Card:

1. Right Click on Desktop

2. Click on Catalyst(TM) Control Center

3. Choose Advance and Click Next

4. Click Yes

5. Click Graphics & Click on Desktop Properties

6. Choose Lower Resolution eg: 1024x768
7. Click Apply

8. Click Yes  
9. Click Graphics and Click On Desktop & Displays

10. Right Click on the laptop image and Click Configure

11. Tick Fullscreen & Click Apply
12. Go Back to Desktop Properties

13. Change the resolution back to original and Click OK


For Nvidia

Well, I guess that's it. Basically, it is the same for all graphic card. You just need to open the graphic card control panel, lower the resolution(ATI), change the scaling option to Fullscreen then change the resolution back to original(ATI)... and good luck.


  1. Frozen Throne does support resolutions up to whatever you have.It is a matter of changing a registry setting;)
    Btw,nice blog,but maybe you could give advice about something a bit more technical,being a computer student and all.

  2. thx for the compliment and great advice.

  3. Replies
    1. That's weird. It should be working. Maybe u just miss a few steps.

  4. thank you very much!!! it works :)

  5. it work ~ thx ~~

  6. help me plz ...
    recently i was watching video on youtube how to make the game full screen when playing,
    he has nVidia n goes to advance setting to set panel scaling but ,
    when i try it, the advance setting didnt appear ...

    1. I'm sorry but I'm afraid I can't help u because I haven't experimented this on nVidea. Maybe you can try googling for it!

  7. Thanks man I thank u so much i alwys had to add full graphix at multiplayer in cod 4 and i had bad ping and fps !Now all fine!

  8. its worked man............thanks dude!

  9. many many thanks bro.............

  10. great advice it worked! thanks!

  11. great job! it worked!! it lessened the graphics and clarity though. but it worked