Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change Time Format in Windows 7

Ehem2, today I want to show you a trix to adjust the time format of your pc in Windows 7. As we all know, the default time format is in 24-hours format? So how to change the time format so that it will be displayed in 12-hours format instead? Easy, just follow these steps:

1. Click on “Date & Time” at the taskbar.

2. Click on “Change date and time settings...”

 3. Click "Change date and time..."


4. Click "Change calender settings" and 2 new screens will pop up.

5. Go to "Time" tab.

6. In "Short time:" box, type "hh:mm" & type "hh:mm:ss" in "Long time:" box
    (without quotation marks).

7. This one is optional. If you want to make your pc display the AM and PM symbol,
    add a "space" followed by "tt"(w/out quotation marks) in both Short & Long time
    boxes. Then, in "AM Symbol and "PM symbol" boxes, select AM & PM respectively.

8. Click "OK".

Your time format should be in 12-hours format by now.

So, that's it? Yep, of course! That's all there is to it. LOL! XD!

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