aBoUt tHe tRiCkStEr

Hi guys! You can just call me Ryzz. I'm a student at UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia.

            Hmph, so what will I write in this "Tips OR Trix" blog? That's a good question actually. As the name goes, I will post a lot of useful tips and tricks regarding pc, pc problem and so on from time to time. Well, for the time being I may only focus on pc tricks and tips but I may post about other things as well as the time goes by. So please stay tune! lol. 

If you want to ask me about something. You can Email me at: 

Lastly, I hope that this Tips OR Trix blog is helpful/useful to you. By the way, I'm still new in blogging. Hence, any constructive comment and advice would be appreciated.

p/s:All of the above information are lies too. Just joking XD. And what do I mean by 
     "it's in my hand" is obviously the ball XD!!!